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About Us

Kindest Gifts is for families, Canadian family owned and operated. Our hope is that we provide you with a better shopping experience. We're here to treat you well, answer any questions you might have, and do what we can to help. We hope you do find something you like, and become a happy customer!

We are a father-daughter duo, Steve and Callie. We created Kindest Gifts as a giving-first business. We understand that many families are going through a lot, and we want to do our part to help all families have a home, health, and the support they need. That’s why we will donate 25% of all net profits each and every year. We will donate those funds to not-for-profit agencies that offer support and services to families. We will be 100% transparent about the funds raised, the agencies supported, and every dollar that is distributed. Furthermore, we will actively work with agencies to support a shared vision for happy, healthy families, and keep you updated on our progress!

Everything we sell is family friendly. Together, we created this site, and many of the designs for the products you see here. We love creating art together, having fun, and finding joy in giving. We have lots of exciting ideas to share, so sign up for our newsletter to stay connected!